May 3, 2010

Glory in the Bathroom

It is stunning. A beautiful work of gleaming art that rips tears from the eyes of angels. A white monument to all that is grand and flawless on this planet.

It's a toilet.

Now I realize that other people (the jaded sort with whom I shall not associate) will not see the perfection in lavatory equipment. But I assure you, the new gem in my bathroom has produced rampant weeping. I simply adore it.

Partially because it's brand spanking new. Mostly because it works.

I feel no shame in proclaiming the rapture soaring through my bones as I gaze at my pretty new friend. Folks, it not only flushes (which is only appreciated when accustomed to one that needed daily floggings) but it's whisper-quiet, snap-quick and did I mention it gleams? Did I also mention that the old one was pink?

Now you see the cause of my joy.


  1. It is the joy in the simple things that separates us from the animals, Zaedah.


    I, too, rejoice in your new toilet.


  2. Great news. Long may it flush.

  3. Does it do big and small flushes?

  4. I am in awe. How dare you use it?

  5. im glad you like it,now on to our next project.