April 18, 2010

The point of a weekend...

Lesson number 12 on the point of a weekend. Pencils ready...

The point of a weekend is to spend more money on pet food than your own life-sustaining groceries.

The point of a weekend is to pay $14 a ticket to view a 3D movie (remake) with little 3D while they smash your childhood gorgon memories to bits. Poor Perseus.

The point of a weekend is to spend most of your tax refund on... wait for it... bills.

The point of a weekend is to help your father buy a printer that does not (I repeat does NOT) come with the necessary cables to actually hook it up. Said cable costs more than the printer.

The point of a weekend is to listen to said father speak on our proud heritage and be impressed that the fairly shy man can stand before a room and win it over. Every time.

The point of a weekend is to buy a round trip ticket from Philly to Fresno because... well, because I CAN!!!

The preceding is the incomplete list of one weekend's events. Do not attempt without proper safety gear.


  1. That's a very pointy weekend. Does anyone have a wireless printer? I think they do exist.

  2. This is a list that could go on and on. I do not know about winning the room over every time but I do try. And yes I am proud and I have every right to be. I am Cherokee, I have a wonderful wife (soon 40 years together), I have 3 wonderful children and a great gang of 8 grand kids. Your Mom and I have never had money to spare but we were wealthy in what really matters most, the love of God, the love of each other and the love of family. You can not do better than that.

  3. Totally agree on the Clash of the Titans. Dreadful dialogue. Congrats to your father too.


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