April 11, 2010

My name is Pollen and I'm a Registered Sneeze Offender

Above is a secret Pollen Anonymous therapy session in progress.

Pollen is a group of lonely spores who really need a date. Fortunately, all the pollen in the charted galaxy have chosen my backyard to accumulate, propagate and disperse. This saves the rest of humanity from the ill-effects of having the party and band gazebo shoved up one's nose. I'm taking the hit for all of you.

Applause not required.

I'd advise the populace to buy stock in Advil and Kleenex, as I'm personally cleaning store shelves of said items and arming myself for battle...


  1. This may be a crazy suggestion, but what would happen if you put on a nose clamp and breathed through your mouth?

  2. Then I'd choke on the killer pollen and die! Quite a way to go, mind you...

  3. You have my sincere and red-rimmed thanks. :-) THe whole country is blowing up with these crazy creatures -- I'm glad to see someone is doing something about it!


  4. I guess "bless you" isn't going to cut it, huh?

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