February 20, 2010

Wisdom of Zappa...

Two weeks after the blizzard of 2010 deposited a cushy 17 inches on my poor lawn, we still tromp over the mounds of white stuff. I'm one of those "bring it on" snow-enthusiasts but even I have had enough. I'd like to start a letter campaign to evict Father Winter.

The stuff won't freakin' melt!

Princess Vespa (Spaceballs) had an industrial sized hairdryer that garnered its own luggage. I should very much like to borrow it. For only the power of the mammoth beast of electric fury could turn these stubborn inches of sinister, compactness into sweet little puddles. The problem we're facing now is a bit of unsightly technicolor that has crept into the once-virgin fluffiness.

As previously noted, we have three gigantic dogs. In the natural order of things, big dogs leave big... messes. Lets face it folks... if they could flush, local busybodies wouldn't have to post reminders to pick up after your adorable bundle of killer fur. My yard is the glaring reason why clean-up is not only good for visual aesthetics but necessary for the sanctity of one's shoes.

Fortunately, no one wants to picnic in the snow, handy thing since my property looks like we've been using lemon snowcones as weapons. (And don't get me started on the tootsie rolls bullets). Look out my kitchen window and take in the ice formations, majestic cardinal and the splotches of spilled lemonade. Thanks puppies!

I'm reminded of the stirring lyrics of one Frank Zappa... "Watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow."


  1. The snow has been melting here with surprising quickness.

    The preferred route of students leaving my dorm for the center of campus has been a path up an otherwise muddy hill made passable by snowcover. The way has been shifting on a daily basis, however, based on the receding snow, and today for the first time I abandoned the hill for a different route.

  2. We got really lucky with the late Feb snow that it came down in piles and then it rained a whole bunch so a week after we had a snow day, it was nowhere to be found. I like this kind of snowing. Unless of course I am in a cabin with a good supply of meat and booze. In which case, let it whatever. Otherwise I don't need black icey crappy nonsense on my trousers!