February 21, 2010

The Nature of Nature is... Rebellion!

Outside the windows of my office lives the above row of trees. Being an amateur photographer (neon-bright emphasis on amateur) I've attempted to secure an artsy shot of these trees in their mostly uniform appearance. 'Mostly' because they have a rebel in their ranks.

I'm rather partial to the daring tree who stands fourth from the left. She (because wild children deserve some sort of gender designation) sticks her leafy tongue out at the others who feel that green's still in even after autumn gets traction. But our girl's a fan of red and isn't interested in waiting until the fashion police say it's okay to begin the traditional turn. Nope, she's breaking out early.

Of course, with the ravages of snow and the inevitable balding, she's as naked as the others. But autumn will return months from now and she promises to trade her future emerald for splashy red before the rest can chastise her.

Good for you, Tree!


  1. As a redhead, got to admire that tree for sticking out and refusing to conform. Good eye to catch it.

  2. I prize genuine nonconformity too. I'm a fan of trees and plants that grow out of cracks in the sidewalk and flowers that burst into blossom when you least expect them to.

  3. It's lovely when we see things this way. I like your little tree as well.